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Serving a mission for your church can be an exciting opportunity for many young men and women. Unfortunately, it can also represent a time of great stress, which can exacerbate pre-existing problems with mental health. It can be very helpful to get a picture of your psychological functioning, including your strengths and weaknesses, before you leave. 

We provide comprehensive psychological testing that provides insight into problems such as anxiety, depression, or other psychological concerns. Our testing consists of a thorough clinical interview in which we gather information on your history, your current functioning, and any other factors that could impact your mental health. Following the interview, we administer specific psychological tests to help us more fully understand your personality and to identify any potential problems. We then integrate this information into a comprehensive report, after which we provide an hour-long feedback session in which we review results and recommendations from the testing. Our goal is for you to understand yourself more fully as you contemplate missionary service!