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Motivational Interviewing

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

Ashton Seely,


Ashton was born and raised in Nephi, Utah as the oldest of three siblings. He grew up in a very tight nit community, and learned from a young age the importance of community. Ashton was involved in many sports. He was the first four time state champ in wrestling at Juab High School. He continued his passion and was able to wrestle on the collegiate level at Utah Valley University. This taught him grit and dedication that he is now able to apply to his profession. He has been a part of the Lion's Club for over 10 years. Ashton and his sweet wife have planted roots in Nephi, and is excited to be back in his hometown. In his free time, you will find Ashton on the wrestling mat as a high school wrestling coach, or baking his famous sour dough bread. His passion is giving back to the community that has given him so much.

Education and Work Experience:

Ashton earned a bachelor's degree from Utah Valley University studying behavioral science. He continued his education at Brigham Young University obtaining a master degree in social work. Ashton has worked as a youth mentor, mentoring young boys to become great men. He has also conducted therapy sessions to help people achieve their greater potential.

Therapy Approach:

My therapeutic approach. Ashton's upbringing in the tight-knit community of Nephi, Utah, instilled in him a profound understanding of the significance of communal support. Through his involvement in sports, he internalized the values of perseverance and dedication, qualities that now permeate his professional approach. Leveraging his diverse background, including mentoring youth and facilitating therapy sessions, Ashton recognizes the profound impact of empathy and connection in facilitating personal transformation. Embracing an empathetic stance, he conscientiously crafts a safe and nurturing space where clients can embark on their journey of healing and growth. Ashton's therapeutic philosophy emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and self-acceptance, guiding clients to explore emotional vulnerability and introspection. With unwavering dedication to fostering growth, he embodies a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential.

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