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Heather Stevenson,
CSW Associate


Heather was born and raised in Idaho Falls. Since then she has lived in California, Indiana, Florida, and Utah. She speaks English and Spanish but knows that LOVE is the universal language. When she isn’t in the therapy seat, she is most likely getting the wiggles out on the tennis court, hiking trail, yoga mat, or zumba floor. Four children, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a 20 year partner keep her life zesty, along with books, movies, and music.

Education and Work Experience:

Heather is a Certified Social Worker licensed in Utah. She first completed a B.S. in Community Health, and then a Masters of Social Work at Utah State University. She has 2 years of clinical experience working in addiction/substance use rehabilitation, and adolescent therapies. She also takes pride in her real life education - seeing her own therapists and doing her own journey of healing and wholeness. You can follow her instagram content @untangledtherapy.

Therapy Approach:

Heather takes a humanistic and strengths-based approach as a therapist. She knows that safety and connection are vital to healing and growing so she works at the pace her clients lead. She supports you in connecting mind and body, connecting with your authentic self, and creating meaningful connections with others. Whether you are dealing with difficult circumstances, emotions, or relationships, Heather works to see the whole you while applying trauma-informed methods to restore you to optimal functioning.

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