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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT)


Thomas Kramer,
PhD Licensed Psychologist


Thomas lives in Cache Valley with his wife and two kids. He was born and raised in Utah. Since leaving home, he has lived in many places, including Germany and all over the US. Thomas enjoys hiking, backpacking, and playing catch with his son.

Education and Work Experience:

Thomas received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology in 2015 from Brigham Young University. He is also a licensed school counselor. The majority of his clinical training in counseling psychology was in university counseling centers. Additionally, he completed a year-long clerkship conducting psychoeducational assessments at BYU’s Accessibility Center. His clinical experiences since that time have been varied, taking him across the country, working in both rural and urban settings and with people of diverse backgrounds and ages. He has worked with veterans in Alabama, residents of assisted living facilities in Seattle, with adolescents in Utah and Idaho public schools, and as a member of the Army Reserve he works with fellow service members.

Therapy Approach:

Thomas believes therapy is most effective when it is a collaborative process. At times therapy may be a free-flowing process of exploring difficult thoughts or feelings. At other times it may be more focused and action-oriented, as we create specific plans to change ineffective ways of thinking, behaving, or relating to others.

Engaging in the honest conversations of therapy and feeling fully seen and fully understood leads to healing. These types of conversations can be rare in everyday life. He strives to foster a therapeutic relationship in which you can be genuine and vulnerable. As a psychologist, he values warmth, acceptance, and patience. He brings years of clinical training as well as knowledge of research-based practices to therapy while also recognizing you as the expert of your own experience. With that in mind, he prioritizes listening closely and tailoring the sessions to what the client wants from therapy.

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